SPACE  (Springvale parents and carers enterprise group) 

It’s all about parents/carers organising events in school to support school activities and aims

What is SPACE?

SPACE is our own version of a PTA/Friends Association, however we don’t run things by committee or formal meetings.  Every time we decide to run an event or help support a school activity, we ask parents/carers for help, then get together to get things done.  We have been running like this for a couple of years and we find there are different events that people are able, or prefer, to get involved with.  We want to encourage new parents/carers to contribute and so welcome anyone to come along.

As I have a job, I am unable to do anything during school hours.  How can I get involved with SPACE?

It is appreciated that there are many working parents/carers who find it difficult to get into school during the day.  However, if you are keen to get involved then your contribution is welcomed in any way you are able.  For example, by telephone, emailing, leaving messages at the school office, etc.  Please let school know your situation and you will be kept up to date with what is happening.  SPACE has its own notice board where information will be displayed.

I don’t like meetings or committees.  I don’t think the SPACE group is for me.

SPACE will not be a committee and there are no plans to have lots of long, sit down meetings.  Parents/carers can come along and be involved as much or as little as they want, depending on how they feel and what they would like to get out of being involved.  If you have a particular skill or expertise you think would be valuable please let school know.

I’m a bit uncomfortable coming into school.  If I come to a meeting will I feel left out?

Everyone is welcomed to SPACE.  Springvale school might be new to you, you might not have been in a school since you left yourself and/or you might be uncertain of what happens in school.  If you’d feel happier bringing a friend or a relative with you that’s absolutely fine. The hope is that new people feel they would like to get involved.

What if I sign up to getting involved early on then change my mind nearer the time?

No-one is expected to commit to getting involved in everything.  An outline calendar of events SPACE gives everyone an idea of the sorts of things that might be coming up over the next school year.  If you like the look of one of these and think you’d like to get involved, let school know.  But this is not a definite commitment from you.

Space Aims and Values



The overarching aim of the SPACE group is:

To provide enriching opportunities for children and parents/carers, primarily child centered, and through the process encourage parental involvement.

In order to achieve its aims, the SPACE group will:

-          plan and organize events within school, not necessarily fund raising events

-          be flexible and responsive rather than rigid and committee focused

-          tie-in to school topics and be aligned with the curriculum

-          get parents and carers involved

-          utilize parents’ and carers’ strengths

-          involve different parents and carers and flex to accommodate their strengths and availability

-          support teaching staff so activities don’t adversely affect the teaching timetable

-          respect the priorities and operations of the school

-          run in conjunction with other groups’ plans (eg. Mother and Toddler  Group) and not be exclusive

-          establish an events timetable for each academic year


The group will operate in accordance with the ethos of the School and as such outlines its values as follows:

  • Encourage all members’ participation
  • Treat each other with courtesy and respect at all times
  • Value everyone’s contribution regardless of size
  • Adopt a team approach and play to parents’ and carers’ strengths

Although SPACE will not be based on a formal committee approach we recognize the potential difficulties of running a more flexible group with potentially, at different times, a large number of members.  Therefore in order to help its smooth running and aid communication it will work to the following principles:

  1. Communicate with all parents and carers regarding the event and ensure inclusion and accessibility wherever possible
  2. Ensure the SPACE values are highlighted at the outset
  3. Fully discuss and agree the aims of the individual event
  4. Agree on a Lead person to be responsible for the organization of the event and to ensure effective liaison between SPACE and school (eg. Mrs  Beaumont and Mr Platt where applicable)
  5. Ensure any school protocols are met (eg.safeguarding, health and safety etc)
  6. Following the event, review and incorporate feedback into the planning process