Sex and Relationship Education (SRE)

Our SRE curriculum is delivered as part of our programme of study for Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education (PSHCE), contained in the Barnsley Healthy School Scheme, which ranges from "Me and My Relationships" in year 1, to "Relationships and Responsibilities of Puberty" in year 6.  It is mainly delivered by class teachers who will employ a range of active teaching and learning strategies e.g. video, discussions, circle time etc.  In year 6 the children are shown videos about changes in their bodies, how babies are made and born.  This is followed up with discussion sessions and the children take home worksheets to give parents the opportunity to extend this discussion within the security of the home.  Parents are, however, at liberty to withdraw their child from all or part of this tuition with the exception of the areas children are required to study to fulfil National Curriculum science.