At Springvale, Science occupies a central position in the National Curriculum as one of the core subjects.  The National Curriculum provides a basic structure for teaching science but many units are best suited to a themed teaching approach, where science may be linked to a topic or to mathematics.

We feel the development of enthusiasm for the investigation process in science is of great importance for the children, so that they acquire the skills for scientific enquiry.  Our Science is fun, stimulating and purposeful which enhances the children's naturally inquiring minds.  Science is the study of the world around the children and we believe they will learn best in a climate of investigation, practical discovery and discussion.

At Springvale we have had "Living Eggs" in school a couple of times.  The children have had the experience of following the progress of incubating eggs and watching them hatch.  The children are then able to see the chicks grow for a couple of weeks and some of the children have even taken the chicks home as family pets afterwards.  The children are able to handle the chicks under teacher supervision and chart their progress from egg to chick.

 living eggs