Pupil Premium

Springvale Primary School

Pupil Premium Funding Report

Pupil Premium funding is allocated to schools by the government to support children who fall into vulnerable groups. It is for schools to decide how the funding is spent, and careful consideration is made, taking into account the various needs of the children eligible for this funding. Some of the barriers to learning that these children experience include challenges with verbal and written communication, gaps in the acquisition of early learning and social /emotional challenges.  Below you can see how we will spend the money this year in order to address this. 

We endeavor to ensure that our funding is used to support all eligible pupils in making at least good academic progress each school year.  We will review progress in the Autumn term of 2017

In this financial year, 2016 -17 Springvale School received £28,580 in Pupil Premium funding.

Our objectives for this year are as follows:

  • To fund TA support and intervention to our Pupil Premium in order to best promote learning
  • To continue to support the development of social skills through the use of Lego Therapy
  • To use Precision Teaching with children to target specific gaps in learning
  • To purchase additional Educational Psychologist Support
  • To purchase additional support from Barnsley Education Specialist Support Team
  • To screen all Pupil Premium children with the Wellcomm tool in order to provide support swiftly
  • To gain the accreditation for the Communication Friendly Schools Award
  • To purchase Wellcomm resources for use in FS
  • To introduce and implement motivational spelling competitions
  • To implement staff CPD which addresses the specific needs of our SEN children
  • To purchase specialist resources where required
  • To subsidise educational visits and residential trips to enrich the curriculum and learning opportunities


Last financial year (2015/16) our Pupil Premium funding was funding for £24,094

With the assistance of the Pupil Premium funding over the last year we are proud to report the following achievements:

  • On entry, our Pupil Premium children are typically behind national expectations.  In school last year, only 6% of them were are expected when they joined school, with 13% being below and another 81% significantly below.  Our end of year data showed us that in Reading, 67% of children had achieved the expected level with a further 6% approaching.  In writing, 56% had achieved the expected level and in Maths, 50% had achieved the level with a further 12% approaching it.  
  • When comparing children with those who had similar attainment on entry, 75% of our Pupil Premium children were broadly in line in Reading, 69% were broadly in line in Writing and 81% were broadly in line in Maths.
  • Attendance for our Pupil Premium children in 2015-16 was 95.5%.
  • Increased confidence and achievement from children who took part in Precision Teaching; meaning that these children are now reaching key milestones more quickly.
  • Stronger relationships between parents, children and school; with greater cooperation from children who have previously struggled to cope with boundaries which were set by parents.
  • Well attended parent workshops, with many parent suggestions now being used as new whole school initiatives (e.g. playtime systems).
  • Enhanced provision to support clarity of communication for children through the Communication Friendly School accreditation.
  • Improved screening of children’s communication understanding on entry to school enabling specific support for children with particular needs.
  • A range of staff CPD to support enhanced provision for Pupil premium children
  • Support and advice from specialist professional services.


Our funding has been spent on the following:


Employment of TA to support one-one care 


Programme of support for learning needs of specific children, delivered by teaching assistants (e.g. Precision Teaching, Toe by Toe)  



Additional Ed Psych support


Support from BESST (Speech and Language) - development of individual programmes of support


Welcomm subscription to support the screening of communication needs in Foundation Stage


Communication Friendly School training for leaders


Cost of Communication Friendly School CPD for teachers and teaching assistants CFS training


Cost of CPD in relation to Attachment Disorder for adopted children for one member of teaching staff


Team Teach CPD for six staff


Subsidy for pupil premium children to support participation in visits/residential etc