Crucial to children’s learning are their parents or carers and we are very keen to develop a good partnership with parents.  We welcome parents into school:

  • Concerts and assemblies give parents opportunities to come and support their children or to lend a hand.  Periodically, classes give short performances to parents based on the work they have been doing in class such as dance, drama and music.
  • Twice a year, the school holds Parents Evenings when appointments are made to discuss the progress of each child.  If at any time of the year you have any worries regarding your children, please feel free to come and discuss them with the Headteacher or any other member of staff. 
  • At regular intervals the school holds a “Drop-in” session where parents are invited into school to see the work their children have produced.
  • ‘Rise and Shine Reading’ presents parents of children in F2, Y1 and Y2 with a daily opportunity to come into school and share a book with their child for ten minutes.
  • Courses and workshops for parents to understand how they can support their children in specific areas e.g. calculation, phonics, handwriting
  • Induction meetings for parents of new Reception starters
  • Family learning activities where parents have come into school and worked on creative projects with their children.
  • Parenting support (Please click on the ‘Helping your Child' tab at the top of the page.)