Play together, learn together, achieve together!

A warm welcome to everyone from myself, Mr Lee McClure, the Headteacher here at Springvale Primary School.  I joined the school in September 2017 and I am thrilled to be the Head of a school that boasts wonderfully talented children, committed staff and supportive parents and Governors.  Please take a closer look at our website and enjoy all that we offer as a busy, vibrant and successful school.  Why not follow us on Twitter @SpringvalePS to see what we get up to each day!


Values and Ethos

At Springvale Primary we believe that our pupils should 'play together, learn together, achieve together' in their quest to be the best that they can be. Our full school aims can be found in the School Life tab on this website.

A child’s schooldays only come around once so we know that parents are placing a great deal of trust in us. We want to help make these years as happy, enjoyable, stimulating and helpful as they can be. In particular, we hope that when children have passed through Springvale they will have:

  • fulfilled their academic potential
  • had many varied and exciting opportunities to discover their interests and skills
  • become independent/responsible and kind-hearted young people
  • developed life skills that will help them succeed in later education and beyond

We believe that learning goes hand in hand with happiness and motivation.  As a result our school is a vibrant and busy place where you are never quite sure what lies around the next corner. It may be that the classroom has been transformed into an international airport, complete with baggage carousel and air stewardesses, perhaps the children are enjoying making soup from home-grown vegetables or you may stumble across children at Base Camp on Mount Everest.

Each child is important to us so we have an inclusive approach that supports all, including the most gifted and those with Special Educational Needs.

We hope you enjoy looking at our website and if you have any queries, please feel free to contact us by phone or in person.