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September 2017 

Springvale Primary School – Half term summary of teaching and learning.


F2 The Scottish Stars             Autumn 1  2017                  Theme – Ourselves


The Class Mascot

The children have enjoyed meeting Scottie and Star our class mascots. They will soon be coming home with one of the class to share a weekend in your home. Children are chosen on a purely random basis with names being ‘pulled out a hat’. Having two mascots means that children will get two opportunites to take a mascot home as we progress through the year.


Reading Meeting

We had a fantastic turn out for this meeting. We hope you found the information useful. Literacy activities will be sent home next week with a letter exaplining which day your child will exchange their actvity for a new one. We would appreciate your co-operation with making sure that games are in their book bags on their specific day. Please write a comment in your child’s reading diary as you share the resources. If you were unable to attend the meeting you should have received handouts which you will hopefully find useful.  If you have any questions about any of the packs please don’t hesitate to ask.


P.E.  will take place on a Thursday and will be led this term by Mrs Schofield, with a focus on dance. Kits can be left on their peg. They will be sent home on a Friday for washing. Please note that outdoor kit will not be needed until Summer and that footwear for P.E. will not be necessary until then.


Water Bottles are re-freshed every morning by Y5 monitors. Bottles will be sent home on a Friday for washing.


Topic Focus

Our topic for this half-term is Ourselves, with the focus being on developing relationships between peers and with adults in school. We would like the children to bring in a family photograph to help them talk about themselves within the group and about the people that are special to them.

As explained at the Reading Meeting, we will be also be using traditional stories throughout the year to develop communication and language skills alsongside writing. The children will be introduced to this with a focus on a story such as The Enormous Turnip or The Little Red Hen as we move towards Harvest.


Muddy Monday

On Mondays we intend, as a class, to go out and about developing new skills and having new experiences outdoors. We hope to enjoy some lovely weather as we progress into Autumn, but please remember that it is a good idea for all children to have a pair of wellingtons in school as well as waterproof overalls or trousers. Please ensure that these items are named.


Wow Moments Please share with us those moments where you child does something that makes you say “wow”! It may be that they have dressed independently, slept in their own bed all night or received a certificate for a sporting achievement. These can then be brought into class for us all to share.


This is just some of the teaching and learning which will be taking place in F2 during the next half term. We hope this provides a useful insight into what is happening in our class! Amendments may happen though and other special days / visitors be included.


We are really pleased with how the children have settled into life at school. The lunchtime buddies are proving really popular. If you have any concerns about how your child is settling please don’t hesitate to talk to a member of the F2 team.



Thank you,


Mrs. Parr and Mrs. Honey


Wednesday, September 13, 2017 12:20:00 PM